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What’s up, guys? Kiryu here. As you may know, I’m both a vocalist of a metal band and a graphic designer currently residing in China. I’ve been providing professional and high-quality design services for artists worldwide since 2014.

Since I was a kid, I’ve been playing around with Adobe Photoshop. After getting enchanted by metal music, I discovered that I was capable of designing logos for bands, which led me to crafting the first logo of mine for my band “Dehumanizing Itatrain Worship” that was not founded at that moment.

As a fresh man, I started my career by offering local bands free design services. However, as demands of my works grew gradually, I realized that I should take it seriously. Therefore, I began to devote myself into my design, where practices and working filled every single day in my life. As a result, I became a full-time graphic designer.

In 2015, I joined a metal band that had live shows in local venues, meanwhile, some bands invited me to design their logos or album layouts as well. One year later, the first album of my band was released on slam worldwide. As its popularity rose, my design got exposed in a wider range, which inspired me to an idea that I should keep posting my works on social media. Fortunately, this idea grants me a decent professional reputation, for the bands that have purchased my designs keep spreading what they have experienced in cooperating with me. Surprisingly, I got involved with some record companies and had long-term commercial bonds with global clients.

Over the years, I’ve always been feeling commitment in my design, where requirements from my clients ought to be fulfilled, and my work deserves perfecting as much as possible. In my design workflow, I would attempt to collect client’s requests in detail, so as to present what exactly the clients desire. Hence, if you’re into my works, and not having sufficient resources to concrete concepts in your mind, please contact me. Having years of experience in bands and venues, I’ve grasped essences in mainstream or underground music genres, which results in more precisely accomplished pieces that you cannot find in any other places.

Expertise in logo, cover art, album layout, poster, merchandise design, etc.

Here, your unconstrained ideas will crystalize on my solid ground.

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